Quality & competence:
Embarkation ladder
Embarkation ladders are used for embarkation and disembarkation of people into/out of lifeboats/ liferafts.
Manufactured in compliance with the requirements of  SOLAS 74 as amended; Res. MSC 81(70); IMO MSC1/Circ. 1285; ISO 5489.
Pilot ladder
Buy pilot ladder's  manufactured by MARKO Ltd and produced in complience with the requirements of SOLAS 74 as amended; IMO Res. MSC 81(70); IMO MSC1/Circ. 1285; ISO 5489.
It has an endurable and tight structure, sustains 10-fold + loads when testing and has a variety of advantages.
Knotted Lifeline
Knotted Lifeline is a continuous uncovered manila or sisal rope intended for boarding to the survival craft.

Manufactured in compliance with the requirements L.S.A. Code.

Storm ladders

Storm ladder is essentially a ladder with wooden steps. These wooden steps are called ladder rungs. The ship rope ladder is usually lowered along the outer side and serves to climb onto the ship. The correct location of the ladder is at the side of the vessel at the place of embarkation in collective life-saving appliances - lifeboats, liferafts, boats and other floating crafts.

According to SOLAS requirements, the ship ladder are made of hemp rope, which is safer for embarkation or disembarkation. In addition, it is better to hold on to the ropes, otherwise, you might sqeeze your fingers between the ladder rungs and the hull of the ship.

There are the following types of ship rope ladders:
  • Pilot ladder;
  • Embarkation ladder;