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Viking S30 Liferaft - With Extended Service Intervals

Viking S30 Liferaft - With Extended Service Intervals

VIKING S30 is a complete range of liferafts with an extended service interval in all types and sizes. They’re serviced using a combination of annual onboard inspection and standard service during 30 months at a certified VIKING S30 servicing station. For extra protection during this period, they are packed in a hermetically sealed membrane that resists the migration of water vapour.

Purchasing a VIKING S30 you get a full package including a container with a testing window, testing tools and acccess to an online portal. If you are looking to extend your annual liferaft servicing intervals to 30 months, without compromising safety readiness or compliance - VIKING S30 is the best choice!

VIKING S30 LIiferafts offer instant advantages:
  1. Proven­ track record.­ VIKING has more than 10 years of experience with extended service interval liferafts;
  2. More ­­flag state approvals than any other brand;
  3. Avoid ­­extra transport costs thanks to better service network coverage;
  4. Same­ packaging and rack/ramp mounts;
  5. No­ computer or electrical outlet is required with VIKING's unique testing system - so no special ATEX approval is required;
  6. VIKING S30 liferafts can be both davit launched or throw­ overboard, inflatable liferafts;
  7. The crew can handle the annual onboard inspection by following 3 simple steps;
  • Capacity: 8 pers;
  • Container dimensions:
  • Length: 1155 mm;
  • Width: 628 mm;
  • Height: 561 mm;
  • Capacity: 12 pers;
  • Container dimensions:
  • Length: 1355 mm;
  • Width: 650 mm;
  • Height: 565 mm;
  • Capacity: 16 pers;
  • Container dimensions:
  • Length: 1355 mm;
  • Width: 700 mm;
  • Height: 680 mm;
  • Capacity: 20 pers;
  • Container dimensions:
  • Length: 1335 mm;
  • Width: 780 mm;
  • Height: 685 mm;
  • Capacity: 25 pers;
  • Container dimensions:
  • Length: 1385 mm;
  • Width: 790 mm;
  • Height: 735 mm;

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