Quality & competence:
Patrol shallow-draft boat
A motor boat specially designed for patrolling and performing operational tasks to intercept and detain intruders on the water.
Patrol ocean-going boat
Motorboat is designed for patrolling and extreme activities.

Patrol boats

Patrol boats are high-performance watercraft designed for a wide range of tasks, from law enforcement and coastal surveillance to search and rescue operations. These boats are equipped with powerful engines and advanced navigation systems, allowing them to swiftly respond to emergencies and carry out their duties with utmost efficiency.

Power patrol boats have high speed, maneuverability and state-of-the-art technology and communication systems such as radar, GPS, sonar, and advanced surveillance equipment, enabling them to monitor marine activities effectively. These boats are essential for enforcing maritime laws, combating illegal activities and smuggling, as well as ensuring compliance with regulations in territorial waters.

A combination of sturdy construction and boat hull material (High-density polyethylene) allow them to operate efficiently even in rough seas.